Rules for Liodden Camping


  1. If the reception is open, please go there for registration and payment as soon as possible after arrival. If the reception is closed, please use the self-service system out front. Fill out an envelope, ”bomkonvolutt”, and put the money in there. Keep the receipt. Put the envelope in the red crack. Keys for pre-booked and available cabins are placed in the same place.

  2. Dogs have to be kept on a leash and walked outside the camping area.

  3. Unnecessary driving ought to be avoided. Drive slowly!

  4. It should be quiet between 23.00 and 07.00.  After 00.00 it should be absolutely quiet!

  5. Garbage should be put i a container by the sanitary facility.

  6. Liodden Camping is not responsible for theft or damage on the guests' belongings.

  7. At departure the areas used or the cabin should be left clean and tidy. Departure no later than 12.00 if nothing else agreed on in advance.

  8. Intoxicated guests or guest with inappropriate behaviour who disturb the calm  and order of the camping, are to be shown away from the area, with the help of the police if necessary.




If the rules are followed, you and other guests will have a pleasant stay at Liodden Camping!



Phone:  Grethe: (+47) 48 40 81 21

              Frode:   (+47) 41 56 68 48